Sea Fishing Trolling Boards

Sea fishing trolling boards (pu Diving Boards) - Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd.  Made planer k-type diver board for bluefin tuna for fishing enthusiasts who are keen on deep-sea fishing.

The features of the Sea fishing trolling boards :

1, polyurethane diver board uses mold production and is a molding of the product, size standards, no post-processing
2, polyurethane diver board high hardness, durable, easy to damage.
3, polyurethane diver board density uniformity, strong balance.
4, Sea fishing trolling boards resistant to seawater erosion, long service life.
5, Sea fishing trolling boards is simple, high probability of success.
6, Sea fishing trolling boards have a variety of models to choose from.
7, diving board prices low, affordable

The using method of the pu diving boards:

K-Type is most suitable for migratory fish and Bluefin Tuna in the upper and the middle stratum. Sized from 150 to 300 mm.
The Diving Board is designed for trolling in upper and middle depths. The board dives with wiggling and wobbling actions, it gives the lure lifelike action. The board is overturned and goes up when a fish bites the lure.
Adjustment of the Diving Board If the Diving Board does not dive properly when your boat moves up to trolling speed... re-adjust the connecting line as illustrated. To adjust for stability and direction, do the following. If the board veers or shimmies to the left... trim the left back corner until corrected or move the rudder to the right. Reverse to correct for right side veer.

Sea fishing trolling boards 1
Sea fishing trolling boards 2
planer k-type diver board for bluefin tuna model selection:

Sea fishing trolling boards 3

Planer k-type diver board for bluefin tuna customization:

1, on the size: the company has produced six commonly used specifications of the polyurethane diver board, customers can choose from the existing specifications, if the specifications on the site you do not need, you can mail to tell us. We can according to your request for your special custom.
2, on the color: Sea fishing trolling boards is currently red, orange, orange, orange to choose from. If you have more stringent requirements for color, please send us samples.
3, on the packaging: We have a complete set of products available for customers to choose, we will be assembled after the completion of polyurethane diving board, the use of carton packaging. Will be intact mail to your hand.

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