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Conveyor Belt Skirting Rubber Sheet

Polyurethane Anti-overflow skirt ,the mainly use is translate, mainly used for sealing between conveyor belt and guide trough and sealing between buffer bed and guide trough

The mainly part of the anti-overflow skirt is black, which is made of high-quality imported natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber. It adds elasticity on the basis of keeping the sturdy, so the green multi-protective seal is closely attached to the conveyor belt, even When the multi-protection system reaches the end of its service life, it can continue to perform the duties of the overflow-proof skirt and protect the investment of the manufacturer. Multi-protection and anti-overflow system, T-type fixed rubber block, skirt body is made of one-time integrated heat vulcanization method, compact and effective, strong and durable. The T-shaped fixing block on the back can be removed during the production process according to the customer's requirements to adapt to the old installation method.

The multi-guard three-way sealing strip is used for sealing, which is 200% more effective than the anti-overflow skirt of the ordinary single-piece rubber, and one more sealing space than the double-sealed anti-overflow skirt, and the efficiency is improved by 100%.

The revolutionary use of pure natural rubber (NR) to add semi-solidified lubricants, to solve the problem of the high wear resistance of the overflow-proof skirt, and easy to damage the belt. The material is flexible and elastic, avoids the disadvantage that polyurethane (PU) is not water resistant, and has high wear resistance without damaging the conveyor belt.

The installation method of the Polyurethane Anti-overflow skirt:

It is very convenient. After confirming the installation position, the special fixing groove is fixed on the outside of the blanking trough by any means such as welding, riveting and self-tapping screws, and then the multi-protective anti-overflow skirt The T-shaped rubber block on the back side slides into the fixing groove.
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