Speed Bump

Safety Striped Speed Bump is installed on the road so that the vehicle slows down the slow traffic facilities. Safety Striped Speed Bump with polyurethane raw materials, rubber belt than the more wear-resistant, anti-aging, long service life.

The features of a speed bump  :

1, polyurethane Speed Bump with high wear resistance, is more than 3 times the general rubber, longer life.
2, polyurethane Speed Bump with elasticity, shock absorption effect is obvious, the vehicle wear low, less noise.
3, Reflective Speed Bump belt with good compression performance, able to withstand the pressure of large vehicles in the past.
4, Safety Striped Speed Bump with a molding, comes with color, durable fade.
5, polyurethane Speed Bump with water, oil, corrosion resistance, can be applied to a variety of weather and the environment.
6, polyurethane Safety Striped Speed Bump with anti-static, flame retardant, safe to use.
7, polyurethane Economy Speed Bumps with high tensile strength, tear resistance, easy to damage.

The using method of a speed bump :

1, the slowdown with black and white neatly arranged in a straight line, both ends of the placement of a semi-circular deceleration with the end.
2, with a drill 10mm drill bit perpendicular to the slowdown with each mounting hole, hole depth of 150mm.
3, into the length of 150mm, 12mm diameter spike can be fixed.


Speed Bump after the damage to repair, to avoid bare nails punched tires.

The application of speed bump:

Speed Bump is generally set in the road crossing, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, residential area entrance and other vehicles need to slow down the road sections and easily lead to traffic accidents. Deceleration zone with a large extent to reduce the traffic crossing accident, traffic safety is a new type of special facilities. Car in the driving both safe and play a buffer to reduce the purpose of improving the safety of the crossing. At present, the deceleration zone has been widely used on roads around the world.

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