Square Hole PU Screen Panel

Square hole Polyurethane screen: 305 * 940 * 30mm mm 4.5 * 4.5mm 19 * 19mm
This polyurethane sieve is Tonda made for the multi-princess customers.
square hole Polyurethane screen inside the metal skeleton, the outer layer is a high wear-resistant polyurethane material. pu screen panel generally use square or rectangular mesh, suitable for large size material classification screening.

The application of the square hole polyurethane screen :

Square hole polyurethane sieve is mainly used for metallurgy, mining, coal, iron ore, copper, gold, quarries and other particles of large materials classification, screening, and other places.

The features of the polyurethane modular screen panels:

1, pu screen panel with high wear resistance, the service life than the rubber screen and metal screen 3-5 times higher.
2, pu screen panel corrosion-resistant, Naisuan Jian, suitable for any conditions of the environment.
3, square hole Polyurethane sieve plate square hole design to maximize the material to ensure that the rate is not easy to plug the sieve, high screening efficiency.
4, pu screen panel high elasticity, can make the material secondary vibration, improve the screening efficiency.
5, polyurethane sieve plate mesh size standards, a wide range of mesh, can accurately screen different grades of materials.
6, the polyurethane sieve plate lightweight, can reduce the load of the vibrating screen machine to extend the service life of the screen machine.

Yantai Tonda rubber&pu Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Chinese polyurethane Modular Screen panels. Tonda has already provided various high-quality polyurethane screens for the major domestic mines and vibrating screen machines. And Tonda's polyurethane screens have been exported to Australia, the United States, Chile and other countries. Tonda production of square hole polyurethane sieve specifications complete, strong wear-resistant, long service life, customers at home and abroad by the praise. We sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad letter, please tell us your needs, we can tailor your polyurethane sieve, to provide you with high-quality polyurethane products.
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