Wood Popper Plane Lure

The wood popper plane lure is a simulation bait made of polyurethane material. Is a practical Sea Fishing Tackle.
Sea Fishing Tackle is made of polyurethane foam process, with a similar density and hardness of wood, so-called Sea fishing wood plane trolls Lure.

The features of the wood popper plane lure :

1, Sea fishing wood plane trolls Lure is a molded product, with high strength, in the deep sea fishing is not easy to damage. Can be used for a long time.
2, Sea fishing wood plane trolls Lure with seawater resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature, easy to store the performance.
3, Sea fishing wood plane trolls Lure colorful, used in the sea with high simulation results,
4, Sea Fishing Tackle varieties, all models, to meet the needs of different fishing occasions.

The application of wood popper plane lure:

the wood popper plane lure is mainly used for deep-sea fishing.

The customization of the sea fishing wood plane trolls Lure :

1, on the size: Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd. has produced a dozen specifications of Sea fishing wood plane trolls Lure, customers can choose from the existing specifications, if the specifications on the site you do not need, you can mail to tell us. We can according to your request for your special custom.
2, on the color: wood popper plane lure color and diverse, according to the requirements of production.
3, on the packaging: We will be poured into the self-adhesive polyurethane bag, and then carton packaging. To ensure that customers receive the goods intact.

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