Properties and Characteristics of Polyurethane Screen Panels

Polyurethane screen panel is a kind of mesh product using polyurethane as its row material. Its pore shape is slit, rectangle, circle and square. Its main application industries are coal washing plant, coking plant, mine, power plant, dredging company, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical and other enterprises.

Main properties and characteristics:

1. It has good wear resistance and long service life. Its wear resistance is 3-5 times than that of steel screen panels and more than 5 time than s that of ordinary rubber screen panels.

2. Maintenance workload is small, polyurethane screen panel is not easy to damage, and its service life is long, so it can greatly reduce the maintenance volume and the loss of shutdown maintenance.

3. Total cost is low. Although the one-time investment of polyurethane screen panels with the same size (area) is higher than that of stainless steel screen panels (about 2 times), the total cost of polyurethane screen panels is not high and economical, because the life of polyurethane screen panel is 3-5 times longer than that of stainless steel screen panels and the times of maintenance and replacement are less.

4. It has good wet resistance and can work in the condition of water as medium. In the case of water and oil, the friction coefficient between polyurethane and material decreases, which is more conducive to penetrating screening, improving screening efficiency, and avoiding the adhesion of wet particles. At the same time, due to the reduction of friction coefficient, wear and tear decreases, and the service life increases.

5. Corrosion resistance, non-flammable, non-toxic and tasteless.

6. Because of the reasonable design of the screen hole and the unique manufacturing process of the screen panels, the particles of the limit size will not block the screen hole.

7. It has good vibration absorption and noise elimination ability, which can reduce noise and make the material on the screen not easy to break in the process of vibration.

8. Due to the secondary vibration of polyurethane, polyurethane screen panels has self-cleaning effect, so the screening efficiency is high.

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