PU Stainless Steel Heel Block was Used in the Chongqing Steel Company

The Chongqing company is a large steel company which is invested and built by Korea in China.Its mainly product is all kinds Steel Heel Block.The Chongqing steel company’s workshop is orderly and standardized.All the Steel Heel Block are placed on the PU Stainless Steel Heel Block.Just as this picture shows.

The surface of PU Stainless Steel Heel Block is elastic. It can be used to cushion the left side of the steel coil when it is exposed to the surface, and it will not damage the steel coil. The concrete strength of polyurethane saddle can withstand the pressure of steel coil.

Most company use wooden wedges, cement blocks or metal tracks to place steel rolls to keep the workshop clean and prevent rolling.But these devices’ surfaces are too hard , and when the crane delivers a steel roll, the powerful impact will damage the steel plates of the outer layers.To solve this problem,our company has made PU Stainless Steel Heel Block
The PU Stainless Steel Heel Block is gradually replacing the traditional wooden wedge and the cement block as the saddle. Hoping that to the PU Stainless Steel Heel Block will be widely used by all over the world.

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