Reasons why Polyurethane Rubber Sheet becomes Special Sheet for Cold Storage

Polyurethane rubber sheet has gradually become the main force in the construction of cold storage. Lightweight rigid polyurethane foam has become the main force in the construction of cold storage for the sake of its strong stability and excellent thermal insulation performance. Apart from the heat preservation of cold storage, polyurethane rubber sheet are often used as building exterior wall panels with large temperature difference.

Polyurethane rubber sheet panel is usually adopting the color steel plate, stainless steel plate, PVC and other materials. The panel is compounded with rigid foam polyurethane inner material. The partition of the panel prevents the temperature spread caused by the large temperature difference between inside and outside of the cold storage board, which makes the cold storage more energy-saving and improves the working efficiency of the cold storage. Polyurethane material has stable pore structure and is basically closed-cell structure. It not only has good thermal insulation, but also has good freeze-thaw resistance and sound absorption. So polyurethane rubber sheet becomes the best choice for cold storage construction.

Compared with other cold storage thermal insulation materials, polyurethane materials are difficult to burn and self extinguish due to the addition of flame retardants in the foaming process of polyurethane materials. When polyurethane is burned, it will form ash on the surface of its foam, which will help isolate the foam below and effectively prevent the fire from spreading to other places. And polyurethane does not produce harmful gases at high temperatures to harm human health.

The advantages of urethane cold storage board, such as high adhesion, strong deformation resistance, no cracking and high safety, ensure the average life of rigid foam polyurethane thermal insulation structure. Under normal use and maintenance conditions, the life service can reach at least 30 years.

In summary, cost savings, long service life and good thermal insulation effect are the reasons why polyurethane rubber sheet is the best choice of building materials for cold storage.

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