Several Details and Characteristics of High Quality Polyurethane Mesh Screen

The PU, known as polyurethane, is a general term for macromolecular compounds containing repeated carbamate groups (NHCOO) in the main chain. In addition to carbamate, polyurethane macromolecule can also contain ether, ester, urea, biuret, urea carbamate and other groups. According to the different raw materials used, there can be products of different properties, generally polyester type and polyether type.

The development and popularization of high wear-resistant polyurethane mesh screen and polyurethane slit screen are one of the key scientific and technological projects in China. They are mainly suitable for the aspect of the screening, dehydration and desorption of materials in mining, coal, metallurgy, power plant, construction and garbage disposal industries. Because polyurethane rubber screen uses wire rope as framework material, polyurethane itself has a very high level of the elastic modulus, high strength of absorbing impact force, high wear resistance, so it has a high tensile strength, and its bearing capacity is twice than the rubber screen.

Polyurethane rubber screen has been favored by the majority of screening machinery enterprises and used companies because of its wear resistance, light weight and long service life. Ammonia ester slit screen belongs to one of the screening equipment, but also needs to have the function of transporting materials on screen. In the process of movement, the material produces sliding friction, rolling friction, impact force, wear and corrosion on screen, which can reduce the service life of screen. Therefore, it is required that screen has the characteristics of easy disassembly, convenient replacement, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, good self-cleaning and use, long life and other characteristics, so that polyurethane mesh screen can meet the above needs.

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