The Advantages and Disadvantages of the PU Screen

Polyurethane is a kind of macromolecule material which is widely used to make sieve plate in recent years. It has many advantages, first, it has self-cleaning ability. Because polyurethane has better flexibility, the sieve plate made of this material will produce secondary vibration in the process of screening operation, which makes the fine material not easy to plug the hole, realizing the self-cleaning function of the sieve plate, and greatly improving the technological effect of the sieve machine, especially for the fine particles; second, it has good wear resistance, long service life, and wear resistance is 3-5 times as that of the steel sieve plate; third, it has light weight. Because the density of polyurethane is much lower than that of steel, changing the steel sieve plate to polyurethane sieve plate can greatly reduce the quality of the sieve machine, and the reduction of the vibration quality can increase the amplitude of the sieve machine, thus further strengthening the working performance of the sieve machine. In addition, polyurethane also has a good cushioning effect on dust, which can significantly reduce the amount of dust. Under the same sealing conditions, PU screen can produce about 40% less dust than metal sieve plate.

Its disadvantages are as follows: first, the strength and hardness are insufficient; second, the heat resistance is poor; third, polyurethane has low ignition point. If no protective measures are taken, it is likely to ignite the sieve plate when electric welding is used in production site. Once the sieve plate burns, it will be difficult to extinguish (because the bottom of the sieve plate and the sieve hole are in contact with the air, so it is impossible to isolate the air).

Comb PU screen and polyurethane bar sieve have been widely used in the field of cold ore screening. Their comprehensive properties have been well received by the industry and have a good prospect.

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