The Impact of Polyurethane Mesh Screen Industry on Economic Development

The price of energy, raw materials and metals of polyurethane mesh screen is still high all over the world, which affects the price trend of our country to a great extent. Despite the tremendous pressure from raw materials, China's economy is still operating at a high level, and the benefits of most enterprises have improved significantly.

On the other hand, the rapid rise of international raw price has brought great price pressure to our country. The market of screen mesh industry in China is directly related to the price of raw materials. Because different series of screens are made of wire and sheet metal, the meatal panel is made by related technology.

The wide application of polyurethane mesh screen is mainly related to its various types, different types and different fields. The screens used in petroleum industrial and fiber industry include stainless steel screens for chemical fertilizer and chemical industry, mine vibration screens, petroleum vibration screens, asphalt mixer screens; screens for construction, animal feeding enclosure, mechanical equipment, highway green belt protection include screen block, plastic screens, highway and railway screens, anti-theft screens and so on; and other types of polyurethane mesh screens, such as polyurethane screens, lead wire mesh, stone cage mesh, steel plate mesh, barbecue mesh, welding mesh, polyurethane screen mesh, horn mesh and so on. Major manufacturers have formulated development plans, making scientific analysis of the market, and improving the quality of their products. There is the benign competition among industries and large enterprises drive small enterprises forward and win-win situation emerges, which has made a great contribution to the development of screen industry, and then leading to the growth of national economy.

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