The Use of the Polyurethane Rubber Sheet Material

Where can polyurethane rubber sheet material be used? Due to the development of polyurethane composites, the application of polyurethane composites is expanding gradually, and slowly affects people's lives. At present, it is mainly used in application fields: door and window engineering installation, home decoration and so on.

Sealing and fixing wood, plastic steel, aluminium alloy and other metal doors and windows frames are indispensable materials.

Cover sealed cables and wire boxes, air conditioning pipes, heat preservation cold and hot water pipes.

Fill in the holes in masonry buildings; the holes in the hull are often a headache, but they can be filled very well.

Home Maintenance: Fill holes and gaps, and they can also be used to repair floor tiles, floor holes.

Landscape gardening: It is very suitable for flower arranging and landscape engineering decoration.

Advertising Exhibition: Because of its unique plasticity, it is conducive to model making, sand table manufacturing and exhibition board repair.

Packaging and Transportation: You can immediately wrap some valuable and fragile items to avoid the risk of breakage.

Refrigerated air conditioning: Refrigerator, air conditioner peripheral seam filling, sealed insulation make the service life of air conditioning become longer.

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